Sunday, April 19, 2015

Steve's Birthday Bash

Steve is a social butterfly. And he loves being the center of attention. So for his birthday this year, even though it wasn't a "landmark" birthday, it did fall on a Saturday, so I threw him a bash the likes of which I'm not doing again for a LONG time. Thank you everyone who came out and made it such a wonderful party!

Thanks to Megan who volunteered to be photographer for the evening and document the night!

We had a wrestling theme, to keep the party going from Wrestlemania weekend. I'll bet that's the first time someone has used the WWE Happy Birthday banner for a 42nd birthday.

Our awesome friends and family helped me doll up the clubhouse, make plenty of food, and get everything set up. And Chari let us borrow her PS3 for some Singstar karaoke action. Most people swore they wouldn't sing, but we got a lot of people to participate by the end of the night.  Of course, we were lucky to secure a guest of honor!

Without [much] commentary, I'll let the pictures tell the story of the progression of the evening:
Actually using the clubhouse kitchen

Way to help out guys.
Part of the spread
Beards were encouraged
Early arrivals--Holly!

And the folks!

The party is always in the kitchen

The two Sarahs!

Deep conversation

John and Erin even made it!

OMG so did February!

And Maddie & Josh!

John Cena did not make it. But his spirit was there.

I let someone else handle the baking so that the cupcakes would actually look and taste good.

Brett showing his support of both the beard and wrestling theme.

Mid-way through the party, the Hulk interactions got weirder

Hulk totally photo-bombing Megan

What a cute couple!

Natasha and Megan with the birthday boy!

"Her name is Rio!"

Damon and Chari keeping it chill

A tiara and a frenchie shirt for the birthday boy!


Maddie and Josh were up to the challenge and made sure Steve got the "Pimp Cup" he requested

I think we made it

Greg gets a rub down from the birthday boy

John and Chari are adorable.


Time to get serious about some singing

More singing


Towards the end of the night, things got weird with the Hulk. Megan and Greg going for a three way.

Jags was suitably impressed

I don't really know what was going down here

I'll empty the keg while you all are busy with the Hulk. Party Over!
And, if you want to see the rest, here is the link to ALL the pictures!
Steve's 42nd Birthday Pictures

If you want to add your own pictures in the comments, I think you should be able to. Send them to me if you have any problems:

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  1. Epic party, epically encapsulated. Let's do it again next year!!!