Wednesday, September 3, 2014


On Wednesday, we picked up our overpriced rental car which was a bit of a challenge. Until we got to Hertz, I had not experienced anything other than extremely helpful warm hospitality in Greece so far. The dude at Hertz sucked. He didn't explain anything, actually didn't want to sell me additional insurance (although I kind of wanted it) and forgot to give us our GPS after we paid for it. I hope his day got better because clearly it had not been going so well up to that point.

Avoiding Athens, driving from the airport with GPS was easy. And that was a good thing because I have not slept much yet and if I had to think it might have been a disaster. We arrived at Delphi a little after 3. It is a gorgeous location! Quaint village perched on the side of a mountain with dramatic sweeping vistas and ancient ruins that everyone has heard of! (Even if everything you know about Ancient Greek history is from Clash of the Titans.) It doesn't hurt that it is 10 degrees cooler and lacking Athens' humidity.

All the attractions were still observing summer hours and were open until 8 so we managed to visit all the sights last night.

Here are some more pictures from our prior night's festivities, the view from our room, and the temple of Athena.

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