Monday, March 3, 2014

Is it March already?

I didn't post anything for February and I didn't post anything from my trip to New Mexico. Bad blogger! I've been busy being busy, which is to say that I'm always doing something and yet feel like I have nothing to show for it.

We had a fun weekend in Albuquerque and Santa Fe with my folks. I posted pics to Instagram if you want to follow me there I have the same name: Cottingh1234. I also posted pictures to Picasa and anyone in my Circles on Google+ can view those, but you can also link here:

NM Photos

From the base of Sandia Peak:

It was cold! But we enjoyed the scenery and the Albuquerque/Santa Fe food and craft beer options. We stayed in a great hotel in Albuquerque: Hotel Parq Central And we had some excellent green chili burgers and beer at B2B. We had just binge-watched the full run of "Breaking Bad" which has inspired some head-scratching tourism:

It's not as if "Breaking Bad" made Albuquerque look like a nice place. Most of the tourism and out-of-state/foreign money is usually spent up in Santa Fe, though, so if Albuquerque can make a buck off of it's new infamy, good for Albuquerque.

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