Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogger Mobile App still buggy

Sorry about the garbled posts!  Turns out that the Blogger App for Android works fine if you post and never change anything, but if you go back to edit, the HTML gets all messed up.  I fixed the ones I found and will do better in the future!


This juice box was in my trash which was curious to me because we never drink this stuff. It smelled exactly like an apple Jolly Rancher so I took a gander at the ingredients. Definitely not 100% juice like this brand sells itself on.

True, there is no added sugar, but keep in mind that is because the rotting fallen apples they use for juice are usually overripe already. Most of the nutrition from the fruit is lost in all the processing so they add ascorbic acid to increase the vitamin C content.

I can't believe people feed this crap to their kids and think it is healthy.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visiting my folks in New Mexico

I've been in Las Cruces for the last couple of days visiting with my parents who retired here a few years ago. Life is slow down here, but in a nice way. I always find it relaxing to spend a few days here doing not much more than reading, watching movies, having a drink on the patio, and trying to win the approval of their newest dog, Lucy. I suppose it doesn't hurt that my mom insists on waiting on me while I'm here.

I always like the dry desert air. The evaporative coolers keep the temperature manageable in the house but not freezing cold like central air tends to do. It's partly because you can (and should) keep the windows open while the coolers are on so there is always a nice breeze.

Their house is up against the Organ Mountains, a small but very dramatic mountain range made up of the remnants of an ancient volcano. There's not too much to do in Las Cruces but we managed to find some decent wine tasting and a good pub.

Living out here is more about the peace and quiet you get living nearly off the grid combined with the comfort of still being relatively close to a city. Wildlife still wanders through their property frequently and hiking and true wilderness are only minutes away Like most developments on the outskirts of town, it doesn't look like the peace will last forever. The area is developing, but thankfully pretty slowly. It seems like some people move out here only to decide they don't want to deal with the spotty cell service, indigenous insects, dust storms, flash floods, and occasional rattlesnake you will inevitably experience in the desert. So perhaps it will never turn into a full-on suburb. There's also the matter of the military bases encroaching on the other side of the mountains. For now it is still a nice retreat from city life.