Saturday, April 27, 2013

Victoria Falls

On Friday we had a  very long drive with few stops except for bathroom breaks. We actually got a rest stop pay toilet this time before Lusaka and I wish I had taken my camera in. For the bargain price of 2 kwacha you got a clean western style toilet in a club atmosphere - blue lights and piped in music as you waited. I think they even had soap and hand dryers which have been largely nonexistent in Africa.

We made it to Victoria Falls in the early evening and got a bed for 2 nights. The fan sounded like a helicopter all night long but it was nice to have our own shower and get some laundry done. We went out for a farewell dinner and then headed to a backpacker lodge for a beverage. The scene was a bit hectic (and young) for Steve and Anastasia and me so we headed back to the lodge to retire early.Other (younger and crazier) members of our group had a much better time out and remained unaccounted for as of breakfast the following morning.

It was recommended that we do "activities" on Saturday because entrance to the falls would be paid for us on Sunday. But we are not adrenaline junkies so no bungee jumping, and I am fearful that the various animal encounters on offer are probably not in the best interests of the animals, so we went to Victoria Falls anyway. It was amazing and completely lived up to my childhood expectations. We got completely drenched, but it was worth it.

On Sunday we returned to the falls with the group and I was glad we had gone the day prior. Although it was not as wet, the position of the sun in the morning reflected off of the mist creating an awful glare that completely obscured the falls in places. We also bid farewell to Anastasia Sunday morning, but not fully as our tours will mostly mirror each other for another couple days and we will see each other again before finally heading off in different directions.

After a couple hours at the falls, we continued on into Botswana to stay for 2 nights in Kasane just outside Chobe park.

Pictures: Steve and I in front of the statue of Livingstone who "discovered" the falls, Vic Falls before it got too wet and I put my phone away, and sunset at Thebe River Safaris looking out on the Chobe River.

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