Friday, April 19, 2013

The start of our overland journey

We celebrated Anastasia's birthday with a cake on the evening of the 8th and then we hand washed as many of our sweaty clothes as possible. The following morning  was the start of the second part of our journey and possibly the most challenging.

We met our guide Muza in the morning and after filling in the preliminary paperwork took a taxi to meet our truck. Our truck was already filled with some grumpy-looking people. The tour was quite full so we squeezed in as best we could trying not to step on toes. First impression of the truck--hot.

We cruised out of Dar and to Mikumi park. At the end of a very long driving day we drove through the park to get to our camp for the night and were greeted by herds of elephants and giraffes - one even wandered across the road! Amazing! We forgot about the long hot drive for a second.

We arrived at our camp for the night and set up for the first time (for us; most of the others had been on tour for a week or more already and were old hands at it). The humidity took it out of us. The tent was boiling hot and the small space where we pitched our tents was close enough to the highway that I was awoken by trucks every half hour all night. It was a challenging start to our trip.

We laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats.

Pictures below: bday cake (black forest!), dirty noisy Dar on our way out of town, our home for the next 20 days (the truck, 2 pics), our first elephant spotting, and Steve unimpressed--"when can I transfer to the Four Seasons?"

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