Monday, April 8, 2013

Pausing in Dar

We left Zanzibar today for an overnight in Dar es Salaam before our tour commences early tomorrow morning. We took a little tiny plane that seated 13 - including the copilot's seat which was up for grabs. The flight was eventful but hot. There is no time to cool down a plane on a 20 minute flight from one hellishly hot place to another. Steve discovered after buckling his seat belt that the earlier flight had been much more eventful as the prior occupant of his seat had emptied his or her stomach all over the seat belt.

Dar is a huge crazy third world city. I didn't take any pictures while in transit to the hotel but I know Anastasia did so check out her instagram feed and she might post some (akpenelope). If I had any thoughts of going out I quickly abandoned them on seeing what a huge and hectic place this is. I think my guidebook was deficient in communicating distances here. Everything is very spread out.  I have no idea where to start. I think it would take a few days to get your bearings here and we are leaving early tomorrow morning, so why bother. Better to rest up and prep for the journey ahead. And try to get the puke off of Steve's clothes so he doesn't have to pack them up with his clean clothes!

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  1. Sad trombone sound for Steve: