Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nungwi Day 2

Today we went snorkeling. It turned into quite an adventure. We set off on the seafari from nearby with thunderstorms in the distance, just like we have had since our arrival.  Then we sailed straight into the storm and were pounded by rain and rough waters for at least half an hour (though it seemed like hours). The crew was kind enough to put up a tarp to partially shelter us but it was no match for the rain.

When we arrived at our first snorkeling spot it had mostly cleared up. We saw lots of fish and some coral but the reef is in bad shape. Our second spot was similar but the tide was a force to be reckoned with.

When we had enough battling with the waves, we landed on a remote beach and had a delicious barbeque prepared for us. By this time the clouds had cleared. It was fantastic and much needed because Steve and I had not managed to get breakfast and were feeling a bit ill. The food did the trick and we felt human again. On the ride back we passed right by our hotel so they pulled the boat up to the beach for us and let us jump out :)


  1. There's a picture missing in the middle... WHAT IS IT I MUST KNOW

  2. Greg and I just read through your entries so far. Very cool! The scenery IS beautiful! Can't believe that gorgeous beach! Have fun you three!

  3. Hi you guys....following you every step and adding 10 hours to CA time.
    So very beautiful all of it....environment and you (only a mom could say that).
    Mulligan says hi...he is settling in and we are becoming the alpha in our little pack. The gkids are being kind to him. love you...happy safari tomorrow.
    love, mom