Friday, April 19, 2013

Lilongwe and into Zambia

Lilongwe was uneventful. Long drive on horrible roads then a tour of a wildlife sanctuary, which was kind of cool but mostly just a zoo. Then one hour to look around town. Unfortunately they dropped us at a mall. We camped out at another one of those outskirts of town camps that reminds me of a KOA - which is to say nothing special or interesting.

The next day we crossed the border and stopped in a dusty little border town where we discovered that money would be difficult to come by for us. None of the ATMs would work for us. We ended the day at Wildlife Camp which was by far the nicest campsite we have seen to date. It had a gorgeous view of the Luangwa River right outside our tent flap. The next day we had two game drives to look forward to. We retired to the scenic bar with a view of the banks of the river and took particular note of all the tracks coming up from the river directly towards the camp. As the sun went down, the hippos emerged for their nightly grazing. They were coming closer and closer to the camp as we retired.

Sure enough at 2:30 am we were awoken by very loud grazing right next to our tent. The hippo closest even nuzzled the side of our tent as s/he was sniffing around. I had to pee but decided I could make it through another couple hours until we had to get ready for our game drive!

Pictures below: successful bush toilet break, sketchy bridge we crossed in Malawi on the way to Lilongwe, male circumcision campaign in Zambia (to reduce HIV transmission rates), and not just any chips but SUPA chips!

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  1. Wouldn't condoms be easier and cheaper than circumcision? Yikes.