Saturday, April 27, 2013


Upon arriving at our campsite we immediately upgraded to a room because Steve wanted some AC and a bed before heading into the Delta. I didn't complain. The room was comfortable and the nicest we had since Zanzibar. We relaxed the first night and chatted with another (drunk) African tour operator. Since the first part of our tour ended and the original group split up our new group is only 7. Steve and I are now the partiers of the group essentially because none of the Australians are joining us on the last leg. We even had an Italian couple join who turned out to be teetotalers. Surely this violates some Italian law or another.

The next morning was an early game drive in Chobe and an evening boat cruise.  Upon entering the park at 6 a.m. we immediately got to watch three hyaenas taking off with the remnants of a warthog. Close behind was the female lion whose kill they had stolen! Dramatic start! The rest of the drive was not nearly as eventful. Our guide gave us some excuse about the animals being "wild" or something like that. Sheesh! If you want a bigger tip just say so.

We did get to see warthogs (living ones too), buffalo,  hippos, crocodiles, lots of birds, jackals, and another 4 female lions. Oh, and a bunch of big cat snacks too - i.e. impala, waterbuck, and kudu. We did not get to see any of the thousands of elephants that Chobe is famous for because it was too cold and they were hiding. At least according to our guide. But I ask you - where does an elephant hide? Steve and I are now convinced that male lions and leopards are completely fictional creatures.

We napped until our evening boat cruise down the Chobe River. This time we got to see lots of elephants eating, frolicking, swimming, and doing all manner of cute elephant things. We also got to see hippos grazing in the water and in case you were wondering, it looks EXACTLY like Hungry Hungry Hippos.

We were treated to another spectacular Southern African sunset and then we headed back to camp to drink Windhoek beer on tap and watch VH1 classic on the bar TV. Tuesday is another early rise and long drive to Maun where we will sleep over before heading out for our Okavango Delta mokoro adventure!

Photos: Chobe River in the morning (Namibia is on the other side!), big boy, lions resting in the shade, elephants in the river, fantastic Chobe sunset, and our packing list for the mokoro trip.

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