Friday, April 19, 2013

Chitimba Beach Lake Malawi

Even arriving after dark it was still hot and humid as we set up the tent and I was sure I was going to melt. It was hot enough that Steve and I nearly killed each other for the 8th or 9th time in 3 days - love you honey) and we both started feeling awful again to the point where we didn't even want to eat dinner. But like has happened so many times since we arrived in Africa, we relaxed, let it go, eventually accepted we could not change anything, cooled down, and felt better. Much better, actually. After dinner we ended up joining our fellow campers for a beer at the beach campfire and the evening ended on a high note. Besides, we made the decision to upgrade to a room at the next stop and the concept of a roof over our heads that we didn't have to put up and take down (quite possibly in the rain) for 2 days got out spirits up quite a bit. I actually slept soundly for the first time so far on this trip.

We have had a chance to get to know our fellow campers on this trip and have become friends already with several of them. You spend so much time together that not getting along is really not an option unless you want to be miserable for the entire trip. But anyone who undertakes such a journey is bound to be easy going and interesting.

But of course things change in an instant and it again started pouring down rain and we were again hurriedly packing up filthy wet tents and steaming in the truck. Oh well. On to a room of our own!

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