Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anastasia with Graybeard

I just transferred a bunch of pictures taken earlier this year on my new camera to my computer and I found a series of photos we took during the great shaving event that occurred earlier this year.  Many of you may remember Steve's incredible beard he grew out last year starting around my birthday.  He is quite the little facial hair-grower and in no time it had reached such epic fullness that it inspired awe and jealousy in many.

He decided that before we took the pictures to send out our visa applications, he should try to resemble his passport photo at least as much as is possible when your passport is 8 years old.  We therefore had a short memorial for the beard and then the savage hacking commenced.  Anastasia assisted with the electric clippers while I documented.  There were probably intoxicating beverages of some variety involved as well.  It was fun at any rate and here are some images of the carnage:

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