Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our refreshed apartment

Our vacation to Hawaii was not nearly as relaxing as one would expect it to be. This is mostly because we moved all our furniture into storage before vacation, and returned to a repainted and re-floored apartment only to get to move all of our furniture back into the house, and build some new furniture.
And this is the end result. The new floor is that vinyl that looks like wood, and I'm surprised that it looks as nice as it does. We bought modular carpeting to use as an area rug in the living space. The couch is the same (and looking pretty worn compared to the new stuff).
The office nook was my personal project. Beeker likes it. And it's growing on Steve.
We got a new dining table and gave the kitchen a splash of color (well, more than a splash, but that was Steve's thing).
The bedroom really just got a splash of color and some new linens. But it's always nice to change up your living environment even if it's just a little bit.
The media center is pretty much the same. We upgraded our storage--yes, I know CDs are SO 1990, but we can't help it.
Even Mully likes it. Somewhat. He can be a little asshole sometimes.

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