Saturday, June 2, 2012


Our first day in Kona, Chari, Steve, and I went snorkeling. We took these totally awesome rafts out to our dive locations. We hit two spots--the first was by Puuhonua o Honaunau. We were excited to be out on the water, and we saw some interesting fish, but the water was a little bit murky.
Then we headed towards the Captain Cook monument and explored some caves on the coast. We had a pod of dolphins accompany us along the way!
The visibility was better there and the coral and fish were beautiful. Unfortunately, it was also a quite popular snorkeling spot. It was difficult to avoid other people while swimming and I nearly was run over by a kayak.
We were in Kona so we figured we had to visit a coffee plantation, which we did the next morning. This one was a small, super cute operation. They only sell their beans direct to online customers, who pay upwards of $50/lb for their specialty coffee. Kona is clean and bright, but not totally my type of coffee drinking experience. The coffee here was the same experience, but I appreciated what a cute operation this was. We got to watch them roast a batch of coffee and we even got to taste it.
After hitting the plantation we headed North towards the Kohala coast. The road over ascends to a pretty high elevation and coming down you can see Maui off the coast. It was very foggy the morning we took the ride, but you can just make it out.
We headed through Kapauu, where we stopped at the King Kamehameha statue, close to his actual birthplace. We then headed down to the end of the road to take a hike down to the beach far below.
This is one of the more breathtaking places I have ever been. The hike was steep and looked out over one of the more inaccessible parts of the big island. Along the coast there is actually a big gap in pavement following the end of this road. You have to drive back down to Waimea and then back out toward the coast on the other side. It's just backpackers and helicopters, and probably some 4x4s and horses in this undeveloped area. Based upon our preview, I'm sure that it's worth the effort to venture farther into this area.
The beach below.
And this is the river leading out to the ocean bringing all the volcanic rock down to make such a beautiful black sand beach.
Our last full day in Hawaii was our last chance to get our fill of volcano, so Steve and I drove back across the island to Volcanoes National Park. This is the Kilauea Iki crater where there was an impressive eruption back in 1959.
We headed down to the end of the Chain of Craters Road--well the current end--to see the other side of the lava flow we had hiked out to from the Hilo side. We were even farther from the actual flow than we had been when we headed out to the flow.
Here we were closer to the coast and got to see the result of the lava hitting the water.
Sometimes in dramatic ways.
Thanks for checking out our pictures. We sure enjoyed our vacation and loved the Big Island!

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  1. I am so glad you put up these posts of our Hawaii trip. It was great to revisit a year later. I loved vacationing with you. I'm glad we are still friends after it :)

    love you guys!