Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

Last year we decided to take a little vacation for Thanksgiving. We packed up the dog and took a dog-friendly trip to the coast. Yes, it was cold, but the coast is really gorgeous in the winter. We started out at the Moss Beach distillery.
It was cold and Mully was not happy we put his coat on him.
By the way, you really pay for the nice view and dog-friendliness here. I think we spent $70 on 2 appetizers and 2 drinks. And everything was served in plastic because we were on the dog patio.
Even though it was Thanksgiving day there were plenty of people there, and most of them had dogs. Mulligan was not impressed.
We stayed the night in Pacifica at a hotel right on the beach. It was a monumental California day when we arrived. A storm blew in that night and we fell asleep to waves crashing just outside our window.
The next day we took Mulligan to Fort Funston, which is the best dog beach I've ever seen. I would be here all the time if it wasn't an hour plus drive from where we live. Mully, like most dogs, loves the beach. He's a frenchie--you weren't expecting him to be effusive about it, were you?

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