Sunday, May 20, 2012

HAWAII PART III: The drive to Kona

The next morning Steve and I got massages at the local school and then we all packed up the big-ass car and headed across the island on the southern route. First stop--black sand beach and sea turtles!
This is our version of the girlfriends out on the town Facebook shoe shot.
Next onto the Southernmost point in the U.S.! Yes, we took our picture next to the Southernmost point of the 48 in Key West, so we had to take our picture here. No marker unfortunately.
There were petroglyphs, though. (Sperm?)
and awesome, but dangerous, tide pooling opportunities
Ah! There's some proof. I guess. I'm pretty sure we voided our rental contract prohibiting off-road use, but fortunately we didn't do any substantial damage besides leaving behind a whole mess of Stone Cookie crumbs.
Of course we made it to the hotel in time for happy hour. We have our priorities after all.

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