Friday, April 22, 2011

Last day in Buenos Aires and on to Montevideo

This has been delayed because our hotel in Montevideo charges $6 a day for WiFi. There really ought to be a law against that...

Tuesday was our last full day in Buenos Aires. We went to Recoleta, saw Evita's grave, and found the really nice and really touristy parts of the city. We saw the dog walkers who are usually out with 10 or 12 dogs at a time, and we sat on an internal patio and had a really great bottle of Syrah rose. Then we went to take a walking tour and minor medical emergencies on both our parts ended the day early. Nothing major, no doctors or hospitals involved, just a trip to the pharmacy and some bruised egos.

We spent the evening in the neighborhood by our b&b which was very cute. Unfortunately it was another mostly sleepless night as we never did acclimate to the high decibel levels in the city.

Wednesday morning we took an early ferry then bus to Montevideo where it was rainy and miserable :(

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  1. Hi Sarah and Stephen...It looks like you guys had a great trip...Stephen sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday on your special day.
    You guys are so adventerous and you can tell you love to see and explore all.

    Hope to see pictures soon....

    All the best.
    P.S. Stephen get back to work!!!!