Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye Easter Island

Today we depart for Santiago. Yesterday we rented a 4x4 and explored the sites out on the crazy dirt roads. From the top of any is the 3 large volcanoes, you can see miles and miles of nothing but deep blue ocean. It's very desolate.

Yet town is filled with tourists who are annoyed to find that they aren't the only people here and locals who are irked to have to eke out a living catering to them. All the accomodations on the island are pretty Spartan and expensive to boot unless you stay at the one exorbitant resort owned by the same people who own the Post Ranch Inn.

But the food has been good and the people have generally been friendly, though in a more reserved way than we experienced in Peru.  I'm not sure who what kind of traveller Easter Island is really for.  It would probably be disappointing for anyone looking for adventure travel and it is really not the place for a relaxing beach vacation - though the beaches are lovely, there are only 2 of them and they are on the side of the island without accomodation. Everyone we have spoken to seems to be living out their childhood fantasy born out of the pages of a National Geographic magazine, just like us.

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