Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today we ventured out to a soccer game. The local team, Boca Juniors vs Tigre, the visitors. The hardcore fans sang enthusiastically throughout the entire 2 + hours of the experience and the stadium was a sea of blue and gold, the local colors.

The game was a tie, and the local team didn't play the best, but it was fun. After the game they took us to drink with the local hooligans. It was quite an experience.

The most amazing part to me was the class structure at the game. The well-to-do club member ticket holders had seats in the stands and they came and went as they pleased. We filed in to the cheap seats with the riff raff a full hour before the game started. Once the game was over we had to wait until the entire rest of the stadium had emptied before we were allowed to exit. I had heard that the Boca fans could be rabid, so I was kind of stunned to see everyone obediently waiting. I think that sort of control would incite a riot in Oakland. I had half a mind to spout off about the social injustice inherent in that way of doing things, but I'm incapable of that level of communication in Spanish (and I didn't want to spend the night in jail).

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