Saturday, April 16, 2011

Buenos Aires for a day and no pictures to show for it.

We spent all day wandering and took no pictures on the phone. I feel guilty but we were way too busy enjoying ourselves. All I can say is that Buenos Aires exceeds all expectations. There are cafes and restaurants everywhere and this is possibly the best walking city I have ever been in.

Today we wandered around Palermo where everyone in the entire city seemed to be out window shopping. Then we did a wine tasting at a hotel in Palermo Hollywood - the ritzy part of town. Last we ventured to a residential neighborhood for a small intimate meal with about 20 people at the home of a Porteno (as natives are known).

Our b&b is an amazing historic BA home, though it's a bit noisy. Everyone has been completely nice and friendly to us. This is a fantastic city.

I'm posting a pic of Steve's Mully tattoo because it has been an excellent conversation piece throughout our trip.

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